Murals and Public Art

Mary creates murals using many different materials and styles to create walls that are super eye-catching and engaging. They create murals that fit each space while being environmentally and friendly and inclusive. They truly do it all!

The murals transform businesses, schools and communities into places of inspiration and relaxation.

"Seedy Part of Town" Garage Mural

Flower Boxes Play Set Mural

Click here to commission a mural for your company or home from Mary, or to  purchase one of her original works or prints, you can see her online art shop here.

Black Lives Matter art displays with Nasty Artist Collective and other local artists including Shai Grayer, Jada Messick, and Rachel Griel

Backyard Flower Mural on Fence

Flower/Underwater Indoor Mural in Kitchen and Basement 

"Mental Health is Community Health" on 24th Ave and Farnam St. w/ Jada Messick

Backdrop for Detox Sober Lounge

Playroom Mural


Daisy and Poppy Stair Mural


"Believe Survivors" fundraiser project

"Believe Survivors" fundraiser project


Little Library/Pantry project with Elsie Moreland

Progress and Artist Assistants for Cammy for Council's mural project for Westgate Pool titled "Making Waves"

Behind the scenes and installation 
Pre-installation snap shot of a portion of the mural. It was painted indoors in a studio and then installed on the mural site.
"Making Waves" mural at Westgate Pool

Garden Cafe Window Murals


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